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    I'm Kirsten McFarlane, founder of Spectrum Pilates and co-owner of The Pilates Collective, a Vancouver based collaborative space dedicated to the practise of Classical Pilates. The studio is fully equipped with only the highest quality Classical apparatus by Gratz, Contrology, Legacy Pilates and James Crane.


    The system created by Joseph Pilates addresses everything that our bodies need to be healthy. Each workout blends flexibility, strength, alignment, balance and breath. It's a sneaky way of getting all those boring exercises we know we "should do" in a safe, fun, challenging, invigorating workout. You'll notice a difference in your body in just a few sessions and your sport performance will improve dramatically. Pilates is fabulous on its own but when you realize how it positively impacts EVERYTHING you do, you'll be hooked.


    Originally trained as a physiotherapist, I discovered Pilates was the missing piece to my own knee injury rehabilitation. I completed a 900 hour Comprehensive Teacher Training under Louise Tomcheck (who trained under Romana Krysanowska). I am currently one of 12 teachers in The Method, an invitation only graduate level internship program under the direction of Jay Grimes (one of Joe Pilates students and teachers) through Vintage Pilates in LA. I also have my Franklin Method Level 1 Certification.


    I truly believe that there are huge benefits in making Pilates a cornerstone of your self care, no matter where you are on the spectrum of health, fitness or age.

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    I teach a variety of lesson types, available both in person at The Pilates Collective or online if you prefer to work out from the comfort and convenience of your home or studio. Privates, Open Gym and Group Classes can all be booked directly online through the links below. Contact me to arrange Duets or Trios.


    Private Session (in person or online) - $105CAD

    Semi-Private Session - 2 people (in person or online) - $65CAD per person

    Semi-Private Session - 3 people (in person or online) - $55CAD per person

    Contrology Workout (in person or online) - $40CAD per class

    Virtual Mat Class - $30CAD

    Virtual Apparatus Class - $45CAD



    Once a month, I run a Collective Session. The format is 90 minutes with some time to warm up and a deep dive into a theme, using our collective experience and knowledge to elevate us all. It is a gathering of passionate, curious Pilates Teachers who enjoy learning from each other, sharing their experience, getting inspiration from others and being part of a supportive, inclusive community. All teachers - of all lineages and levels of experience - are welcome. These happen on the first or second Tuesay of each month and end with social time at a nearby restaurant. Participation can be in-person or virtual. Cost is $40. 

    Join the next one here!



    Can't find a time that works for regular lessons? Looking for a way of getting another workout on your own? Love working at your own pace? Then my Online Library is a great option! Classes vary in length (15-45 minutes) and level (Pre-Pilates to Advanced) and use a variety of props like a broomstick, resistance band or Magic Circle to deepen the work. Purchase an unlimited monthly subscription ($25) or an individual class ($15). There is even a free 7 day trial period!

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    Exercises, musings, challenges and info about upcoming events!


    "You are a total goddess. Just wanted to affirm that. Had an amazing day (and night) skiing yesterday. Even jumped a ledge and survived. Knee deep powder most of the day. So it was intense. Thanks for putting Humpty Dumpty back together again!"

    Jeff S.

    I wanted to let you know how wonderful my hip feels today.

    I slept well last night. That rarely happens. I am truest grateful for the solo yesterday."

    Krista J.

    "I've NEVER had the concepts explained so clearly, so I've never really understood what I'm supposed to be doing or what it's supposed to feel like. THANK YOU. This is important for me to keep doing, I think it's targeting precisely where I'm so weak. I'm stoked!"

    Colleen C

    "Kirsten is an awesome teacher! Her love of teaching and Pilates shines through in every class. Her own passion is infectious and she is continuously coming up with new ways to understand and experience the exercises which keeps the classes engaging and challenging (a good thing!) Her encouragement and support for your own Pilates journey is motivating. I highly recommend her classes both online and in person."

    Lisa O.

    "Every penny spent on Pilates with you is worth it. I feel better and stronger and longer than I ever have."

    Miike V.

    "Kirsten gives clear, concise directions with helpful feedback to get the most out of each exercise. The workouts are fun and well balanced and I love how my body feels after!"

    Dawn J

    "Get your alignment back on track! With so much online fitness available to us as we stay at home, it's easy to slip back into old movement patterns or, at worse, trigger old injuries. Somehow Kirsten manages to catch your old habits through the screen. She'll get you sweating with lots of all-levels pilates sequencing, while offering you the personalized cues you need to keep your body moving happily."

    Lauren K

    “Having a chance to have personal teaching during these times is especially valuable. The on-line format was a great workout to counter all the additional computer work I’ve been doing. My back is loving the Pilates!”

    Anne M

    "Kirsten’s ability to teach and her helpful “cues” are not diminished by working out online."

    Trina R

    "Great detailed workout with helpful individual pointers!"

    Jenny HH

    "Thanks for a great class yesterday - your calm approach and well explained poses made for an enjoyable but challenging session!"

    Lynda L

    "Kirsten has the amazing ability to connect with her clients in providing direction and pointers that turn on that particular movement or muscle in our bodies. Kirsten’s professional background is so invaluable as she understands the human body. My “at home” practice has progressed so well since connecting with Kirsten. No more back pain!


    Brenda S.

    "I woke up feeling my butt and my core - how turned on AND connected they are (aka sore, but in a lovely way). Both my body and my brain are so intrigued and interested in it all right now. I love learning with, and from, you!"

    Robyn B.

    "Kirsten provides high level Pilates workouts with a cheerful smile and a hug. She'll brighten your day, make you stronger, help correct your body's injuries, challenge you and make you sweat all in one visit! I've been doing Pilates with her since she started and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon!"


    Lauren M.

    "Pilates is addictive. It makes you feel good. It is a physical feeling of well-being: get stronger, move better, improve posture. It is an emotional feeling of clarity and content. Pilates is a deep and mindful practice which connects the mind-body through increased awareness of the body in general and of inner core muscles specifically. Clear guidance truly matter in Pilates and a good Pilates teacher is a rare gift, because she/he makes practice really efficient. Kirsten is a dream Pilates teacher. Her experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, complete focus on a practitioner, genuine love and kindness to people radiate through her guidance, and as a result, her classes make you feel better, make you be better. At first, it seems like she aims to get you to use these deep core muscles, but at some point you realise that classes with her improve quality of life overall. Thank you Kirsten."

    Yanina Y.

    Love this welcoming and loving community! It’s an amazing chance to meet other movement lovers and share the love for Pilates no matter what is your background. There’s always more to learn from each other. I enjoy how much the group inspires me whether it is a new exercise or new cueing to try. I appreciate Kirsten’s effort to make such community where all pilates teachers with different backgrounds get together to just nerd out and learn about Pilates :)

    Skye L.

    "I fell in love with Pilates thanks to Kirsten during the pandemic. We aren’t in the same province so my classes were all over zoom. I also have subscribed to her online class library which is fantastic. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just follow along. Kirsten’s first career as a physiotherapist has help shape her into an incredible Pilates instructor. Even over zoom she can pick up the smallest adjustments to her correction. Getting that “YES!!” from her during one of her classes makes it so encouraging!! I do a lot of different sports including running, cycling, skiing, swimming - thanks to Pilates I have stayed injury free!!! I would highly recommend Kirsten - she really is awesome, she has great energy and so much fun!"

    Margot M

    "Kirsten has been a wonderful part of of my Pilates journey. She is kind, patient, encouraging and nurturing. She wants you to be your best but lets you get there in the best way for you. She really cares for every single person that walks in that door. Whether you are 13 or 83 you can do Pilates and Kirsten can help you with a smile and a kind word.

    I will also say that, when needed, she is not shy about reminding you that the work is not supposed to be easy ( LOL ) and pushes you to try harder...and it always seems to work. I feel VERY fortunate to be able to work with Kirsten and all the trainers at this beautiful little space. I highly recommend."


    Bradley L.

    "Kirsten was one of the first people I met when I started Pilates , 10 years ago(?) She has always been an inspiration to me as a student and now as my coach. Always has a welcoming smile, inviting you into her Pilates world. Be prepared to work hard with Kirsten and she will guide you into new levels of the Pilates work that is challenging and always so fun!"


    Kathleen O..

    "An amazing studio equipped with the best classic Pilates equipment. Kirsten is so passionate and knowledgeable about Pilates. She is gifted at knowing what I am capable of and challenges me to dig deep and as a result I find myself growing with each class."


    Brenda B.

    "Kirsten’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her passion for Pilates and her curiosity makes her a brilliant instructor. She has a wonderful understanding of movement and knows how to guide me to always find a deeper connection."


    Elsa V..

    "Pilates is a game changer for me and my body. Coming from a gymnastic background, not only did Pilates help re-create strong stability from historical injuries, it also facilitated even more body awareness. Couple that with Kirsten who is one of the best in the industry with her knowledge, drive and compassion, she keeps me motivated and keeps things fun! I highly recommend Kirsten and Spectrum Pilates."


    Sonia T.